Welcome to CircusHouse Farms

We will be happy to bring to the Hudson Valley the finest variety of mushrooms found for our local environment. We are a gourmet mushroom company born in the heart of Kingston. We grow several verity of gourmet mushrooms like Oysters, Shitakes, Lion Manes, Maitake, Wine Caps and Reshi.

We cultivate our mushroom here in Kingston both outdoors and indoors. We also cultivate our mushrooms at our outdoor location in Rensiller County at the Murphy Iris Cottage. We offer a wide variety of mushrooms from indoor to outdoor production. Our Oyster mushrooms are cultivated on reclaimed waste products. The Wine Caps mushrooms we cultivate are grown on woodchips and straw. Our indoors cultivation ranges from Oysters to Shitake and Lions Mane.

Our waste reclamation ranges from coffee and sawdust. We collect coffee grounds from a variety of local coffee shops and sawdust from local wood workers. We divert tons of useable material from the waste stream to our farm. Were it is converted into two great produce our mushrooms and compost. Both of which we are happy to share with you.

We are happy to provide our mushrooms to anyone who enjoy fresh local food. We offer our mushroom fresh by the pound or through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares. We sell to both individuals and restaurants.